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Instructions have been posted to, showing victims of ID theft how they can request copies of fraudulent returns filed under their names.
In Short:
  • A victim of identity theft may request a redacted copy of the fraudulent return. The victim’s name and SSN must be listed as either the primary or secondary taxpayer on the fraudulent return.
  • Redaction will protect additional possible victims on the return. However, there will be enough data for you to determine how your personal information was used.
  • To make the request, victims need to prepare a signed letter and mail it to a specified address. Your letter must be accompanied by a copy of your government-issued identification.
  • The IRS will acknowledge your request within 30 days of receipt and within 90 days you will receive the return or follow-up correspondence.
  • At this time, you can only request a copy of a fraudulent tax return filed using forms in the 1040 series.
See the full statement via the hyperlink above for additional details.