About Balanced Account & Tax Services Ltd.

Locally Owned and Operated Since 1989

Balanced Account Ltd. is a small firm located in Brooklyn, NY. We have been assisting taxpayers since 1989. We have built our client base on building and maintaining relationships, and have been lucky to have about 96% of our clients return year after year.

Our tax firm offers three basic services – Tax Consultation, Tax Preparation, and Taxpayer Representation.

Our Tax Consultation services are offered on an hourly basis or as part of a comprehensive written tax plan. We develop tax savings strategies for our clients, help them implement these strategies, and then periodically meet to review progress. We assist our present clients with tax planning, as well as clients that prepare their own tax returns or use other tax professionals.

We prepare income tax returns for individuals, small businesses, trusts, and estates. Our individual clients are typically working professionals with families. We prepare business returns for C-Corporations, S-Corporations, and Partnerships, payroll and sales tax reporting. We strive to provide only the services our clients need. We prepare trust and decedent estate returns, and will work closely with the trustee and executor to meet fiduciary obligations.

We represent taxpayers before the IRS and State Tax Authorities. We represent clients in examinations and audits and work to minimize taxpayer exposure. We represent clients that have tax debt and are being threatened with wage garnishment, levies, and tax liens. We can generally negotiate settlements, to include installment agreements and offers-in-compromise.

you can feel confident with the oversight of my experience and expertise. I believe we offer higher-value services at comparable rates of the national tax preparations chains.


Our Team of Professionals

Hi it’s me, Yitzchok Stern, EA Licensed (Enrolled Agent.)

Yitzchok Stern, EA on May 2013, Incorporated Balanced Account & Tax Services Ltd. because I notice that a lot of Taxpayer’s and small business owners are struggling being complains with Federal and state Tax Agencies. Yitzchok Stern, EA

So how did I Fix it.

I decided that I want to take my practice to next level and I took the challenge to become Enrolled Agent known as EA.

It was great experience and I’m not done YET, the US tax code know as IRC is over 75 thousand pages.

Where did I start

My first step was joining EA study group; only 54 members have passed the EA exam the last three years which goes to show the level of difficulty of the certification. I ordered the book and begin studying that was July 2013.

 And I finally Passed All exam. !!!!!!!

  • #SEE1 First exam on Jan 23 2014, Individuals Tax Law
  • #SEE2 Second exam on Feb 25, 2014, Businesses Tax Law
  • #SEE3 last exam on May 30 2014, Representation, Practice & Procedures

Passing IRS Background check.

Passing My EA Exam’s was dream come true and it all Happened right after my 3rd child was born.

I am incredibly proud that I passed IRS background check and I was approved to become licensed Enrolled Agent (EA).

Helping my Clients

Since then, I Yitzchok Stern, EA have helped many of my clients with IRS and state issues. Not only did I provide them legal savings in taxes, but also the peace of mind knowing that they can rely on me when the need my support.


My Knowledge and experience

  • Personal Taxes, 1040
  • Business Returns, 1120/S
  • Partnership returns 1065
  • Trust returns, 1041
  • Estate return,
  • Gift tax,
  • Payroll Tax & NYS Compliance
  • Worker’s Comp  
  • Disability Insurance
  • Sales Tax Compliance

Software we use

 Yitzchok Stern’s background

 I was born to a family of 9 boys, no sisters, just like a sandwiched right in the middle.

 High school

At age 15, Mr. Berger, my high school principal asked me to be treasurer of school donation fund, which was a big undertaking, the school had at that time enrolled over 150 students and 20 staff members, my duty was to organize events and create monthly budgets.

 Why Accounting

From this early experience and my passion for accounting blossomed.

 The same year my local Jewish synagogue asked me to accept the officer position.

 I was in charge of paying bills, collecting donations, Maintaining the Shul, speaking to members make them feel warm and welcome, and so did I.

I would speak to Donors and daily basis and they supported the Shul and those who study. The annual budget for this fund was over $200,000.

 Was I paid?

 NO. I did all as a volunteer and gained so much in giving back to others. This has changed my view on life.

 What happened?

 I held this position for over five years until I married the love of my life, Esty in 2007. And I had to support me family so I had to move on.

 What next

Late 2007, after working for three months at Matzo Bakery (Holy bread that we eat Passover), I was offered a job at an Accounting firm.

This was a pivotal point in my career where I was able to put all of my experience and volunteer services to work to grow my career in accounting. By the end of 2009, I remarkably succeeded in changing the company’s cash flow out of the red, into the green. My colleagues consider me an excellent listener and a pleasure to work with.

So what’s next.

Let’s sum it all up, Yitzchok Stern, EA has years of experience  working with very successful business owners and I have help many save thousands in taxes legally !!!!!!!!

By hiring Yitzchok Stern, EA not only will you get access to amazing team of people who will understand you and take the time to listen and have better understanding about your business structure and implant a system that will work for both of us,

And lastly knowing that all your taxes are filed on time and you are compliance with all Federal and state tax laws.