IRS audit? Liens? Levies? We represent you…

Before the IRS and State Tax Authorities. We represent clients in examinations and audits and work to minimize taxpayer exposure. We represent clients that have tax debt and are being threatened with wage garnishment, levies, and tax liens. We can generally negotiate settlements, to include installment agreements and offers-in-compromise.

Other extraordinary services to help you stay balanced

Cleanup work

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll tax
  • Sales tax
  • Business return

Active clients

  • Yearly bookkeeping
  • Year end adjustments
  • Quarterly sales tax
  • Payroll

Tax preparation

for individuals, small businesses, trusts, and estates. Our individual clients are typically working professionals with families. We prepare business returns for C-Corporations, S-Corporations, and Partnerships, payroll and sales tax reporting. We strive to provide only the services our clients need. We prepare trust and decedent estate returns, and will work closely with the trustee and executor to meet fiduciary obligations.

Tax consulting, planning

are offered on an hourly basis or as part of a comprehensive written tax plan. We develop tax savings strategies for our clients, help them implement these strategies, and then periodically meet to review progress. We assist our present clients with tax planning, as well as clients that prepare their own tax returns or use other tax professionals.

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